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​​Float Spa

​​Who Are the Float Brothers?

Hi Float Friends!  We are Trey & Chris Hearn and we can't wait to meet you!  Trey (right) is an Air Force Reserve Officer and Department of Defense Civil Servant.  Chris is an Air Force Veteran and current manager/barber at Gina's Barber Shop in Valparaiso, FL. 

We initially discovered float therapy through the comedian and UFC announcer Joe Rogan.  Joe has been a huge proponent of floating for many years and his videos and podcasts really drove us to learn more.  That is exactly what we did!  For the past year we have spent countless hours researching the benefits, visiting other float spas, working with the FL Department of Health, and preparing very hard to bring this unique experience to the Emerald Coast of Florida.  

We have finally made our dream a reality!  Now we can't wait to help so many people experience the benefits of float therapy first hand.  Come join us soon and experience your very own post-float glow! :-)