​What Should I Expect?

  • 24/7 UV and Ozone filtration system

  • FL Department of Health Certified Facility

  • Your own personal float room with locking door

  • Shower first to clean and remove any lotions
  • Hook up your Ipod or MP3 player for music if desired

  • Enter float pod nude or in bathing suit
  • Pull float pod lid down or leave open based on comfort

  • Turn interior float light to your favorite color or leave off

  • Lay back and float effortlessly for 60 or 90 minutes
  • Once finished, shower off all salt and get dressed
  • Enjoy a post-float glow and health benefits for days to come

​Why Should I Float?

(Studies show the following benefits:)

  • Relieve stress and anxiety

  • Enhance athletic performance and shorten recovery time
  • Strengthen the immune system, alleviate pain, and speed healing
  • Reset your biological clock, overcome jetlag, improve sleep

  • Reduce blood pressure, pulse, heart rate and oxygen consumption

  • Deepen meditation and heighten self-awareness
  • Increase creativity and problem-solving ability
  • Help visualize to achieve your goals.

​​What is Float Therapy?

Imagine yourself being in a space of perfect tranquility, floating like a cork in epsom salt water with a temperature that mimics that of your skin, where you don’t experience the pull of gravity, sight, sound, or touch – this is essentially what a floatation pod experience will provide, along with a variety of medically substantiated health and relaxation benefits. Floatation therapy is quite simply one of the most effective adjuncts to any healing therapy being offered today!

​​Float Spa

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